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Karol Andruszków
Co-founder and CEO of Concept21
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Are you tired of boring marketing content that doesn't speak to your technical side? Enter technical marketing, the specialized approach that caters to your exact needs. With technical marketing, you'll get content that is both informative and engaging, crafted specifically for your target audience. But what exactly is technical marketing, and how can you create a winning strategy? In this article, we'll delve into the world of technical marketing, exploring its benefits, common challenges, and the steps you can take to develop a technical marketing strategy that gets results.

What Is Technical Marketing?

Technical marketing involves understanding the technical aspects of a product or service, such as its features, benefits, and limitations. It also involves understanding the customer’s needs and wants, as well as their level of technical knowledge. With technical marketing, you'll get content that's not just informative, but also engaging and captivating.


But that's not all! Technical marketing isn't just about features and benefits. It's about understanding your customers on a whole new level – their needs, their wants, and their technical knowledge. 


Technical marketers must be able to communicate complex information in an easy-to-understand manner. They must also be able to identify potential problems and develop solutions. But how to do it? 

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How To Create Technical Content For Marketing Strategy? 

Creating effective technical content for a marketing strategy requires an understanding of the target audience’s needs and wants. Technical marketers must be able to identify potential problems and develop solutions that are tailored to the customer’s level of technical knowledge. They must also be able to communicate complex information in an easy-to-understand manner.


When creating technical content for a marketing strategy, it is important to focus on providing value to the customer. 


Value is the name of the game! Is all about providing meaningful information that truly matters to your customers. From highlighting product features, benefits, and limitations to providing clear instructions on how to use your product or service. 


You should also focus on creating engaging and captivating content that's not just informative, but also visually appealing with eye-catching visuals like images, videos, and infographics. All that should be connected with carefully crafted messaging resonates with your target audience, making your technical content genuinely irresistible.

What Is Technical Marketing Communication?

Imagine trying to explain the intricacies of cutting-edge technology to your grandma or your tech newbie friend. That's where technical marketing communication comes in! It's the art of making complex technical information not only understandable but also engaging, relatable, and downright exciting for your target audience.


Through various communication channels like email, social media, websites, blogs, and more, technical marketing communication takes the jargon-laden features, benefits, and limitations of products or services and transforms them into customer-friendly language. It's all about bridging the gap between technical expertise and customer understanding, so your audience can easily grasp the value and benefits of what you have to offer.


But it's not just about simplifying the tech talk. It's about creating compelling and effective communication that resonates with your audience. That means striking the perfect balance between technical accuracy and customer-centric language, while also incorporating the power of storytelling, visuals, and personalization. Think real-life examples, captivating case studies, eye-catching infographics, and customized content that speaks to the specific needs and pain points of your target audience.


In today's fast-paced digital world, technical marketing communication is a critical element of modern marketing strategies. It's how businesses engage, educate, and inspire their audience, driving customer engagement and ultimately unlocking the door to business success.

What Problems Does Technical Marketing Solve?

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When it comes to marketing technical products or services, businesses face unique challenges. How do you effectively communicate complex technical information to your audience? How do you engage and educate them about the value of your offerings? How do you build trust and credibility in a crowded market?


Enter technical marketing! This powerhouse approach bridges the gap between intricate technical details and customer understanding. It breaks down complex jargon into customer-friendly language that's easy to grasp. With storytelling, visuals, and personalization, technical marketing makes technical information interesting, relatable, and engaging. It captures the attention of your audience, keeping them informed and educated about the value and benefits of your offerings.


But that's not all! Technical marketing also overcomes knowledge barriers. It speaks to a wider audience, including those with limited technical knowledge, making your offerings accessible to all. It showcases your technical expertise and knowledge, building trust and credibility among potential customers. By effectively communicating in a clear, accurate, and customer-oriented manner, you establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy source of information.


And let's not forget about demonstrating the value of your products or services! Technical marketing allows you to highlight how your offerings work, what problems they solve, and how they add value to your customers. It showcases your unique selling points and competitive advantages, influencing customer buying decisions and driving sales.

How To Create A Winning Technical Marketing Strategy? 

Step 1: Understand Your Target Audience

The first step to creating a winning technical marketing strategy is understanding your target audience like never before. Dive deep into their needs, wants, and technical knowledge to craft a marketing plan that truly resonates with them.


Imagine having a strategy that hits the bullseye, addressing potential problems your audience may encounter and providing tailored solutions. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to strategies that drive results. Here are some examples of how you can crack the code of technical marketing success:


  • Boosted conversions: Revamp your website content to address common pain points and provide clear solutions. Watch your conversion rates soar, and customer engagement skyrocket.


Captivating campaigns: Craft email campaigns that speak your audience's language, showcasing the features and benefits of your product or service. Experience a higher open rate and a surge in qualified leads.


  • Informative infographics: Design eye-catching infographics that break down complex technical information into visually appealing nuggets. Share them across social media platforms for high engagement and increased brand visibility.

Step 2: Create Engaging Content

Step 3: Communicate Effectively

The next crucial step in creating a winning technical marketing strategy is to communicate with your customers like a pro. It's all about using the right language that truly resonates with your target audience and providing them with valuable information about your product or service.


Here are some examples of how you can master the art of technical marketing communication and achieve outstanding results:


  • Compelling copywriting: Craft compelling and customer-centric copy that speaks directly to your audience's pain points, desires, and aspirations. Use persuasive language that grabs their attention, keeps them engaged, and leads them to take action.


  • Social media savvy: Leverage the power of social media to connect with your audience on a personal level. Share valuable content, engage in meaningful conversations, and create a loyal following of brand advocates.


  • Interactive webinars: Host interactive webinars that provide in-depth insights and practical tips related to your product or service. Use engaging visuals, interactive polls, and Q&A sessions to create an immersive experience that educates, engages, and converts.

Step 4: Identify Potential Problems And Develop Solutions

Identifying potential problems that your customers may encounter is crucial to stay ahead of the game. 


Here are some examples of what can help you crush technical hurdles and save time and money:


  • Customized troubleshooting: Create a comprehensive troubleshooting guide that addresses common issues your customers may face, complete with step-by-step solutions. Say goodbye to endless customer support calls and reduce costly mistakes.


  • Simplified user guides: Craft user guides that are easy to understand, even for the least tech-savvy customers. Clear and concise instructions will empower your customers to use your product or service with confidence.


  • Interactive FAQs: Develop interactive FAQs that provide quick and relevant answers to your customers' most pressing questions. This will enhance their experience and reduce frustration, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Winning technical marketing strategy - summary

Technical marketing is a specialized form of marketing that requires a deep understanding of the technical aspects of your product or service, as well as the needs and wants of your target audience. By creating a winning technical marketing strategy that focuses on providing value, addressing potential problems, and communicating in an engaging manner, you can stay ahead of the competition and captivate your customers. With the right approach and tailored solutions, you can unlock the full potential of your technical offerings and achieve marketing success like never before. 


So, gear up, strategize, and get ready to win the hearts and minds of your customers with a top-notch technical marketing plan that drives results!

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Karol Andruszków
Co-founder and CEO of Concept21

Karol is a serial entrepreneur, e-commerce speaker, and founder of 3 startups. He advised hundreds of companies and was responsible for projects worth over EUR 50 million for financial institutions in Europe.


He earned two master's degrees - Computer Science and Marketing Management - from Poland and Portugal. He has over ten years of experience in Silicon Valley, Poland, Portugal, USA, and UK, helping startups, financial institutions, and SMEs improve their functioning through digitization.